Introducing GLM Custom

GLM Custom launched in October 2021 after many meetings and conversations revolving around three things:

  • Timing – Is it a good time?
  • Value – How much do we have to offer?
  • Sustainability – Do the services we offer have it?

Let’s examine these items individually:


No discussion of timing a launch in any industry in the past two years can be had without factoring in the pandemic. By the summer of 2020, as the virus kicked into high gear, the publishing industry was already adapting, evolving, and making plans to first survive, then thrive in the changing landscape. As part of our due diligence, we closely monitored the industry to determine where it was headed. New titles came out consistently – 60 new print magazines in 2020* and 34 in the first three months of 2021. The print quality was high, the content was targeted (home, fitness, finances, lifestyle) and the price tags ($8 – $12 per issue) reflected a captive audience and changing priorities. Timing. Check.


GLM Custom’s sister company, GLM Communications, has provided value as a media services agency since 1980. Legacy brands have trusted GLM Communications to increase revenue as a trusted partner. We at GLM Custom realize that our most fundamental purpose is to provide value. The art of providing custom publishing services to those who are looking to save time and resources is valuable even at its most basic. At its core is the timeless value of communication. Associations need to communicate with members. Companies need to communicate with employees. Our role is to free up our clients to focus on their core business while keeping open the line of communication to members, employees, followers, and the audience you are looking to target. GLM Custom provides turnkey services including writing, research, fact verification, graphic design, printing, distribution, advertising sales, marketing support, podcast creation, and social media management. Value. Check.


There’s no easy way to gauge sustainability and we certainly don’t have a crystal ball. According to some, print was supposed to be dead by now. It’s not. We were supposed to be living in a paper-free, 100% digital environment. We do not. The one constant is the fact that people need communication. They want to know what’s trending, learn new things, improve their homes and their quality of life, and find a life/work balance. How they get that information has changed and will continue to change. No one predicted that a worldwide pandemic would change the way we look at print magazines. Print magazines have become something we can touch and feel and yes, take comfort in the words we read inside them. But it’s not just magazines. GLM Custom can be your collaborative partner in the creation of newsletters, annual reports, podcasts, corporate publications, and collateral material. Sustainable. Check.

As a turnkey media services publisher, GLM Custom will do the heavy lifting for you. Our publishing professionals are industry veterans who have managed successful titles such as House Beautiful, US Weekly, Architectural Digest, Sailing World, Cruising World, Pharmaceutical Commerce, Perillo Traveler and Coastal Boating. We have seen the industry evolution, adjusted to it, and then continued to improve upon the publishing process. We have listened, learned, and had countless successes. Let GLM Custom help you with your next publishing project.

We plan to cover a variety of topics in this space. We hope you’ll explore our website and learn a little more about us and how we can help you communicate with your audience to keep them engaged, informed, and coming back for more. Reach out to us for a no-cost, no obligation quote for your next publishing project.

Contact us today: 844-GLM-2456