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Long Live Print!

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How many times have you done it? Pulled out your mobile device, opened a web browser or an
app to search for a local restaurant, area attraction, or the Facebook page of your favorite
boutique? Maybe you were seated in the comfort of your home in front of your computer, in
your pajamas and done some shopping. Conversely, when was the last time you picked up a
newspaper, flipped through a print magazine or catalog or even picked up a brochure for an area

When Were you Born?
If you were not born during the internet age, chances are you still gravitate toward print media.
In fact, a 2018 survey  found that “the majority of Americans consider print on paper as enjoyable,
relaxing and practical.” A 2020 survey by the same company found that 51% of those surveyed
trusted the stories they read in printed newspapers more than stories found on social media.

Digital Fatigue
This is a real thing. Approximately one-third of consumers surveyed felt overwhelmed by tech
during the pandemic according to Deloitte. From streaming services to virtual classrooms
and online meetings, technology was, and still is, a part of every aspect of life. After nearly
three years of technology overload, many are ready for a break.

Call to Action
Print publications and marketing can cut through the digital noise. When it comes to marketing
and advertising, 68% of consumers say they don’t even pay attention to online advertisements.
An average of 45% of consumers say they like receiving advertising mail and printed leaflets and
46% would be more likely to act after seeing a printed ad than if they saw the same one online.

New Print Launches
Print is showing a resurgence. In 2020 there were 60 newly launched magazines in the United
States, including 20 special interest magazines. It is a trusted and tangible medium. It provides
an emotional connection that consumers cannot get through their mobile device. And magazines
in your hand provide that relaxing, “lean back” moment so many consumers now crave.

Know your Audience
Small businesses need to adapt and know their audience. What are your customers’ wants and
needs; and how can you deliver on them? Be versatile when it comes to a marketing strategy.
Before the pandemic you may have been able to rely on walk-ins, but now it may be time to try
a direct mail campaign or a specialty publication.

Find a Balance
Incorporating print media into your marketing strategy may give you a competitive edge. It can
help drive interaction on your social media channels and your company website. Utilize tools
like a QR code on a flyer or advertisement to encourage consumers to instantly go to your
website or a customized landing page. Allow the print vehicle to tie in and lead to the digital

Make it Personal!
The print industry is also adapting in a way that can benefit your business. Personalization of
print media is no longer just using your company logo. You can create personalized catalogs for
customers based on their specific needs using data you have already collected. Another option
is a personalized offer included in other mailings or even an insert in the local newspaper.
Personalized print marketing can create a unique experience that catches the attention of
existing and future customers.

Let the Post Office Help
Even the postal service is working to help keep your print marketing campaign going strong.
Consumers can get a digital preview of their incoming mail sent to their email inbox. The
Informed Delivery program offers business mailers and shippers the opportunity to
“engage users through an integrated mail or package digital marketing campaign.” This service
is designed to reach engaged consumers, increase interaction, and encourage faster responses.
Of those using the service, 91% would recommend it and 89% are very satisfied.
The bottom line is that print media is not going away any time soon. Every time a phone book is
delivered, a catalog lands in the mailbox or there’s a brochure display in a hotel lobby, rest
assured, print is not dead. Never forget that print has the ability to hold your readers captive,
unlike its digital counterpart, where an ad or popup can redirect their attention away
instantaneously, never to return to the intended focus.

Creating compelling, relevant print publications that look great and connect your business with
existing customers, while driving new customers in the door comes with a tremendous time-
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