Business Marketing Tips - Email Marketing - Four Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

Email Marketing – Four Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

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Are you looking for a way to stay in touch with your customers, alert them to updates, promos or other information about your business? Email marketing may be the solution. However, your customers are sending and receiving emails all day long. How can your message cut through the noise and catch their attention? Here are a few proven ways to do that.

Use a “Hook”
When drafting a simple business message, use the subject line to quickly inform the recipient what the message is about. For a marketing email, you want to tease, entice and tempt the recipient to open the email and find out what is inside. A good subject line is succinct and should be ten words or less.

With the rise of people using their mobile devices for on-the-go communication, having a quick subject line users can quickly scan is important. However, you don’t have to reveal everything in those ten words (or less). Keep the “hook” slightly vague to give them motivation to know more, resulting in an email open. Ask a question that includes the recipient’s name or highlight their interests to engage and catch their attention. Avoid using emojis as they may not be a right fit for your brand, and they may not be compatible with the recipient’s email program. Keep the subject line professional as this will help avoid spam filters.  There are tools available that can help you refine your verbiage and make your subject line more effective. One such utility is available at – and it’s free!

A Call to Action
You made it past the spam filter and the recipient opened the email! Now get them to act! You took the time to write and send the email because you had a point to share. If the email references an upcoming promotion, ask them to sign up for a text reminder. Perhaps auto send a thank you email to customers after an online purchase. Take it one step further and include a way for them to sign up for your newsletter or other mailings. If your business is appointment-based, ask them to book an appointment with you. A call to action can be many things. It can be as simple as asking them to follow your social channels, write a review or sign up for an online class.

Once the recipient has opened the email, you will lose them quickly if it’s poorly formatted. Keep things simple. Your customers are on-the-go, so ensure the formatting is responsive. That means the formatting will adjust to the screen upon which it is being viewed. Avoid lengthy paragraphs; stick to the point and make it easy to digest. Paragraphs should have no more than 100 words, while the entire email should be less than 750 words. When researching marketing platforms, search for ones that have templates that make formatting a breeze.

Make it Personal
As a small business, use every advantage that you have – the first being that you know your customers. Remind customers of the connection you have with them and with the community. Using an authentic connection in the content of the email helps build brand trust – the cornerstone of email marketing. Include their first name in the greeting or subject line, mention a specific event they attended or item they purchased or provide an update related to their rewards account. Include photographs of your office or staff and play into that personalization idea. While stock photography or clip art may be easier, the friendly face of an employee that your customers know will improve their connection to your business. It may also get them to read further into your message, leading them to react to the call-to-action.

These are just a few ways to help your business stand out from a crowded inbox. Creating compelling, relevant content that connects your business with existing customers, while driving new customers in the door is incredibly important, but it’s time-consuming. We are here to help!

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