Print VS Digital, 3 tips to guide your strategy

Print vs Digital

Print vs. Digital – Which is best?

The short answer – BOTH!

Both formats can, and should, co-exist. Your readers, users, followers, and customers are not one-dimensional. Therefore, your approach and use of both formats must address their needs. Without the readers reading, the users using, the followers following and the customers buying, your business will have a lot less to worry about.

As publishers and marketers, it makes sense to listen to what is being said and address the need – whether it’s for a print or digital product – and deliver it. Statistics have been telling us for years that print is dead, and in some ways, it is. In recent years, the way consumers digest content has changed. We’re working remotely. We’re shopping for everything online. Too much screen time is the new normal. At some point during the day, it’s time to walk away from the computer and pick up that magazine or that catalog to refresh, recharge and redirect.

Here are three tips to guide your strategy in giving your readers, members, users and customers not just more options, but better options:

#1: Content quality must improve

Now more than ever there is information everywhere. Whether or not it’s reliable, interesting and useful is another story. Know what your users are looking for and provide them with the highest quality you can. Print was once the most accessible way to communicate – magazine, newspapers and catalogs. Today, the options are endless, and continuing to grow every day, so don’t inundate people with sub-par content. Make it the best you can in terms of value and presentation, so they keep coming back to see what’s next.

#2: Pair print with marketing

Print should be an integral part of your marketing plan. Once the daily digital deluge is over and the workday has ended, it’s time to revert to traditional communication – magazines and catalogs. Include promotional codes on the catalog so when the soon-to-be new customer finds what they want and visits your website, they have instant access to savings by plugging in that code. As they read a magazine that perhaps features a hobby (family history, golf, cooking), invite them to visit the websites for more in-depth content and newsletters targeting the topics they love the most.

#3: Co-existence

Print and digital can co-exist. “Us” against “them” does not work. At different times, the convenience of digital will win; other times, the ease and comfort of print will emerge as the favorite child. It’s all about finding the balance that works for your business.

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