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Instagram Profile Essentials

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SEO. SEO. SEO. Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in your brand awareness. Now that Instagram has leveled up its SEO game, it’s time to level up your brand’s profile, too.

Here are five things you could be doing to make sure that your brand’s searchability is the best it can be. These tips may seem obvious to some, but you may be surprised by how many brands aren’t capitalizing on these simple hacks — don’t be that brand!

Incorporating contact information into your Instagram bio can enhance your brand’s accessibility, trustworthiness, and overall engagement with your audience and the broader community.

It should be effortless to connect with you. Make your brand as accessible to your audience as possible by including all of the contact information from the website to the location and the email address. This accessibility can improve customer service and foster better relationships with your audience.

Not to mention, leads! Having contact info readily available can attract potential business partnerships, collaborations, or sponsorships.

An efficient and well-thought-out username on Instagram is a fundamental element of your brand’s online presence. It aids in discoverability, memorability, professionalism, and overall engagement with your audience.

A consistent and recognizable username helps reinforce your brand identity and makes it easy for users to find you. If your username closely matches your company name or relevant keywords, you’ll appear higher in search results, increasing your discoverability.

Choose a username that is straightforward, i.e. short and easy to spell. If you’re a company, the username should be your company name. If it’s taken, consider adding the name or initials of the city you’re based in at the end.

Ex: glmcustomhoboken or glmcustomnj

Instagram’s search algorithm uses keywords to match users with relevant profiles. By including industry-specific keywords in your bio, your company is more likely to appear in search results when users look for related products, services, or content.

Keywords help attract users interested in your industry or niche. When you use specific keywords related to your business, you’re more likely to connect with potential customers who are actively searching for what you offer.

Again, SEO. Instagram profiles are also indexed by search engines like Google. Using relevant keywords in your bio can improve your online visibility beyond Instagram and help drive organic traffic to your profile and website.

Ex: #socialmediamarketing #emailmarketing #graphicdesign #sales #marketingtips #custompublishing #businessconsulting #sales

A clear service description helps visitors immediately understand what your company does. In a brief, concise statement, you can convey your core offerings, making it easier for potential customers to determine if your services align with their needs.

In a competitive market, a clear service description can set you apart from similar businesses. It allows you to highlight your unique selling points and emphasize what makes your services special.

Ex: Helping Brands grow and meet their goals with data-driven custom #marketing strategies.

Using the same branded profile photo across all your social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) and your website helps maintain consistency in your brand’s online presence.

A branded profile photo conveys a sense of professionalism. It suggests that your company takes its online presence seriously and pays attention to branding details.

Don’t make the mistake of using a personal photo for your brand’s account unless YOU are the brand. Use a branded logo.

For a more detailed explanation of this concept, check out our Brand Consistency And Social Media blog!

Hitting all of these steps will ensure that your brand has a strong and professional Instagram profile and overall digital presence!

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